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By developing production and marketing, implementing innovations and most advanced technologies, the enterprise increases their output and endeavors to sell their production in foreign markets.




Other furniture

Furniture of solid wood:

Popularity of the naturalness is influencing people and they are increasingly relying on natural wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is durable, reliable and long-lasting. That is why we can offer from the single-product to the mass production of the product. Keistas sakinys. That is why in our company you can order from just a single product to a mass production of the furniture you want.


Veneer furniture:

In the wooden furniture market there is the same niche of buyers (as in any other segment of the market), who are interested in a similar appearance, but fully natural wood furniture price is too high for them. Seeking to reach the widest possible segment of the furniture, we offer wood veneer coated furniture from furniture panel.


Designing according to your needs:

Every client wants to decorate his home in the most beautiful and unique way. Therefore, we can always offer exclusive, unique products according to the client’s request. We can implement the design or the vision of the buyer that he moved on the paper.

Flexible pricing policy:

We are always flexible to the client’s needs. That is why we can offer from the single-product to the mass production of the product. In each case, we ask the buyer about his needs, so that we can offer the bestprice / quality ratio corresponding to the product.

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